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Iryoung Jeong

Date Joined
February 17, 2013

LINE+ From 2013-09-01 (Current)
Statement of Interest

developing upstream OpenStack


I am a programmer always trying to make better code than yesterday.

I'm happy because I can write code and there are always interesting things to learn.


These days, I write code for online messaging service which has billions messages/a day. Therefore I focused on large scale distributed systems using Java(hope to Clojure) with various storages such as Redis, Hbase, etc.


I've experienced many kinds of troubleshooting cases, especially in large scale distributed systems. I used to figure out the causes of various problems on many hundreds of servers, address the solution with co-workers, and execute the solution to solve the problem.


While working as a developer, I have used various open-source projects and actively participated in them, including Cassandra, webob, Hadoop, Hive, etc.


I'd been to a company where I tried various systems such as a Large-scale Online Shopping Mall, Cyber Cash system, a Grid-Delivery system, a Large-scale Blog, BBS crawler and processing system, a Log analyzing system, in-house Google File System clone





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