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Alex Aizman

Date Joined
November 28, 2012

Nexenta From (Current)
Statement of Interest

We are actively working on object storage (Swift), and contributing back


CTO & Founder, Nexenta Systems. I'm running both Cinder and Swift projects at Nexenta. On the object storage side, we're implementing and keep supporting the latest Swift on top of ZFS local filesystem. Also, gradually but surely moving forward a number of inventions that will make it more effective, as far as performance and deduplication (search for CCOW and Replicast).

On legacy file and block storage side, we'd first implemented the entire; second, at the latest Hong Kong OpenStack 2013 summit suggested (backup/replication) CRESS improvements - codename that stands for Cinder Replication Extensions for Stateless Snapshots. The idea is to implement CRESS first as an Nexenta extension, and then work with the community to propagate it into core API.

For more details, see my linkedin and pages..



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Keystone,Quantum,Cinder


Alex is a candidate in the 2014 Board Election.


What is your relationship to OpenStack, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to OpenStack's success to date?


I'm actually running a number of OpenStack projects at Nexenta. Couple of them I'd mentioned in the bio, one other is a so called CloudArchive, to save/restore appliance's storage to/from Cloud. 

Nexenta is a software storage company since its inception. Here's my few-months old whitepaper that reflects my belief, as well as Nexenta's - on the role of the Cloud, and OpenStack strategy:


Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


As far as non-profit, that'd be my first experience. I spent 7+ years serving on the Nexenta's board.


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenStack's success?


Evangelize and help Organize - technically, and marketing wise. OpenStack is extremely right-place-right-time technology, and the idea always remains to leverage the vendors that have more and more business depending and/or relying on OpenStack. It is possible that OpenStack will repeat the Linux's success of the 2000s - I'm referring here to opensource technology that takes off and captures a lion share of the market in just a few years time.. Pains of growth, maturity, stabilization - all this will require a close Board's attention in 2014.


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be in 2014?


OpenStack must prove itself for the Enterpize. Nexenta crossed this Chasm (I'm referring to Geoffrey A. Moore famous book of course) - can.. well, let's rather say, will do my best to help OpenStack do the same.

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