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Individual Member Profile

Kurt Garloff

Date Joined
November 27, 2012

T-Systems International GmbH From 2015-09-30 (Current)
Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH From 2014-09-29 To 2015-04-30
Deutsche Telekom From 2011-11-01 To 2014-01-15
SUSE Linux GmbH From 1999-07-01 To 2011-10-30
Statement of Interest

Being a long time member of various open source communities (Linux kernel, openSUSE and others), I have a personal interest in seeing OpenStack becoming a leading cloud infrastructure. In my professional life, I ran an engineering organization that is in charge of building cloud infrastructure to host DT's partner's applications in DT's SMB focused BusinessMarketplace SaaS Business. (See the keynote at the Folsom Design Summit at and for some details.) I last worked with Huawei to build and run an OpenStack engineering team in Europe.




I grew up in Germany where I graduated in Physics at University of Dortmund. I moved to Eindhoven (The Netherlands) to do postgrad research on plasma physics.

I had developed an interest in computers and in particular in the Open Source and Linux movements in parallel and had contributed some code successfully to the Linux kernel when the community was still small. I also succeeded contributing little pieces to a number of other projects (amongst which glibc and gcc).

In the end the computer side won over physics and I ended up working for SUSE Linux AG (later part of Novell Inc) as a freelancer and quickly as employee.  I worked as kernel engineer but also took some responsibility in security projects. I ended up running SUSE Labs, the research department hosting the prominent open source kernel, toolchain (compiler ...) and X11 engineers that we managed to hire.

Subsequently, I had a number of technical, people and business leadership roles (Head Architect, acting VP Engineering, VP Product Management, VP Business Development, VP Partner Engineering) and I'm grateful to Novell for sending me to the HBS Program for Leadship Development to enhance my business skills before taking over business management functions.

The acquisition of Novell by Attachmate ended my career with SUSE and the next step was being part of the BU Cloud Services in Deutsche Telekom's P&I which had a lot of the startup spirit I was looking for.. In my VP Cloud Technology function I headed the unit that developed the Consumer Cloud Storage platform (DLS/Mediencenter) and the OpenStack based hosting infrastructure for hosting the software partners' apps in DT's TelekomCloud BusinessMarketplace.

I last supported Huawei's Enterprise IT R&D department to build a great cloud engineering team in Europe and to enhance the capabilities of Huawei's OpenStack based FusionSphere solutions.

I'm currently supporting T-Systems with launching Open Telekom Cloud, a large public cloud in Europe based on OpenStack.

PS: When I don't work on computers, I spend my time with my great wife and two wonderful kids.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Cinder,QA,Release



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