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Bill Roth

Date Joined
November 21, 2012

Nexenta From (Current)
Statement of Interest

I am interested in raising the awareness of OpenStack, and building a vibrant, transformative community.

Bill Roth is a long-time open source/open community activist. He has been involved in open source since his days in computer science graduate school and the University of Wisconsin working on the g++ complier in the early 1990s. He led the open sourcing of StarOffice, which became, which was the largest corporate-sponsored open source community of its time. He also led the team which the enterprise version of Java, Java 2, Enterprise Edition. At BEA Systems, he ran the developer tools group, BEA Workshop,  and also the Dev2Dev Community. He was previously working on a team to organize and build the community, and was Vice President of Marketing for Nexenta Systems, which is a Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack.
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I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift



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