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James Dulski

Date Joined
November 05, 2012

Canapy Cloud Solutions - Atos Inc. From 2012-12-03 (Current)
None From (Current)
Statement of Interest

Private Cloud Development and Foundation support


Summary of Qualifications

James Dulski is a senior member of the Canopy Cloud Media practice. He has 25 years of experience in broadcast & media engineering & technologies, project & program delivery, and consulting. James Dulski has held senior roles as CTO, technology program & project management, business requirements analysis and technology consulting/architecture focused on newly formed Cloud Infrastructure.

As a Technology Leader, James Dulski is action-oriented and an innovative driving force responsible for architecting the capabilities of cloud computing infrastructure service offerings. A proven track record of successfully leading major & complex technical delivery projects for broadcast centers, studios, animators, and post production facilities.

Key Skills


    Broad technical understanding of cloud infrastructure services with disciplines across large Enterprise service/systems management, compute services, large-scale networking, virtualization, data center integration, architecture orchestration technologies, systems resiliency and service delivery.

    Ideal resource with extensive expertise and experience in storage, including cloud-style

object/block/file technologies.

    Successful delivery of large, complex technology programs & projects within the media sector.

    Industry leader and innovator dedicated to improving technology as member of Executive Committee such as SNIA, FCLA, ICA and OpenStack Community.

    Management of project portfolios delivering multiple solutions with inter-dependencies on resource, suppliers and technical infrastructure.


Professional Experience in Media/Television

    NBC Burbank Studios - Solution Architect delivering media production facility and collaboration that enables NBC programming to deliver all current and projected future platforms through an integrated technology platform.

    Lucas Ltd. – Developed with Lucas Design and Media Composer delivery for Digital Post Production utilized for Star Wars feature films designed for editors in a collaborative workplace.

    Universal Studios Film Trailers – Production Media Compose delivery work solution encompassing project setup, planning, structure development and implementation.



    Education – University of Buffalo B.S. Economics/minor Computer Science


IT Industry Executive Committee Memberships:  OpenStack Community Member, Founding SNIA member – SNIA Executive Committee Interoperability, FCLA Executive member, International Clustering Association - Executive Committee



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Swift,Keystone,Horizon,Quantum



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