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Ryan Floyd

Date Joined
September 09, 2012

SwiftStack From 2012-05-01 (Current)
Metacloud From 2011-03-16 (Current)
Storm Ventures From 2000-01-01 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Most disruptive opensource project in 20 years



Ryan is a founding general partner of Storm Ventures. At Storm Ventures, Ryan focuses on enterprise IT and web opportunities. He has primarily invested in SaaS (Crowd Factory / Acquired by Marketo, BlackStratus), mobile (Appcelerator) and cloud/internet related investments (Hubpages, Kidaro/Acquired by Microsoft, MetaCloud, Spalshtop and Swiftstack). He has also invested in semiconductors/components as well (SandForce /Acquired by LSI and Ignis Optics /Acquired by Bookham).

Ryan is investing in the OpenStack ecosystem and believes it will be one of the tranformational IT events during his career as an early stage investor. 

Ryan received his B.S. and M.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University.