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Individual Member Profile


Steven Dake

Date Joined
July 21, 2012

Cisco Systems, Inc From 2015-02-02 (Current)
Red Hat From 2012-03-01 To 2015-01-30
Statement of Interest

bringing container technology to OpenStack




Steven Dake is bringing container technology to OpenStack on behalf of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Steve serves as Kolla PTL for the Liberty cycle and served as PTL for the Kilo and Juno cycles.  Steve also contributes to the design and implementation of Kolla.  Steve is also a Magnum core developer and contributed to the definition and implementation of the initial Magnum architecture.

Prior to gaining an interest in container technology, Steve initiated and led the development of OpenStack Heat with a small development team while at Red Hat, Inc.  During this period, Steve served as Heat PTL for Essex, Folsom, and Grizzly.

Prior to Steve's involvement in OpenStack, Steve was primarily focused on the development of open source high availability technology leading the design and implementation of Corosync, a group communication system, which combined with Pacemaker is the de-facto standard high avilability stack for Linux.  During this period of his career, Steve also served as a technical community leader for the modern Linux high availability stack.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Heat,Openstack-ci,Deployment