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Daniel Patrick

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August 02, 2012

Vology From 2014-02-24 (Current)
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To learn and understand how Openstack can be used to deliver webservices to my customers.


When I was 9 my dad bought the first Macintosh. I remember seeing it for the first time and wanting to learn everything about how it worked. He gave me the manual and I spent every day of that summer learning. We even got online with Prodigy where I could see all the Baseball Boxscores and I was hooked forever! 

The year before in 1983 for a family summer trip we drove from Washington, D.C. to Florida to see Disney World and the brand new EPCOT. I was so bored on that trip for 3 days in a Pontiac with no A/C I thought I was going to die! When I got to EPCOT it was all about the "Future World", what life will be like in the next century, Cultures of the Planet and how every person can make a difference.

My career and life were shaped by those two summers: EPCOT, The Mac & Prodigy and of course 6 days of complete boredom in a car. 

I worked at Microsoft for 15 years and was a part of the explosive growth of PCs, the Internet and complete information overload. After a two year stint in the Management Consulting world I now have the privilege of leading an amazing team of Technical Professionals at Vology.

Vology has the technology solution you need at a price you can afford. With one of the industry’s largest inventories of New and Certified Pre-owned Networking and Telecommunications Equipment, we maximize value and your capabilities, minimize cost and delivery time, and have more than $50 million in inventory at 50-90% off list price. 

Vology gives its customers the power to manage the entire enterprise IT lifecycle with a large staff of certified professionals and support teams. Our technical experts and system engineers have in-depth knowledge of all the IT assets we offer, so we can help you find the solution that fits your needs and budget, as-well-as assist you in selecting, maintaining and expanding your network.