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Devananda van der Veen

Date Joined
August 02, 2012

IBM From 2015-09-26 (Current)
HP From 2012-03-15 To 2015-09-25
Statement of Interest

To change the world.




Devananda has been building distributed systems with open source software for the past 15 years. Until recently, he worked primarily with MySQL, building tools and providing consulting services for a few well known companies, and occasionally speaking about his experiences.

In 2012, Devananda began working on OpenStack, initially contributing to the Nova project, and founding the Ironic project a year later. He is committed to the OpenStack's success and the long-term health of this vibrant and open community, and has served on the OpenStack Technical Committee, the project's technical policy board. Devananda is currently employed by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, where he is also leading a small engineering team.

While calling Seattle "home base", he can often be found speaking about Ironic and OpenStack at conferences around the world.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Ironic,Openstack-ci,Deployment