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Sean Dague

Date Joined
August 01, 2012

Samsung From 2013-11-18 (Current)
IBM From 1998-06-22 To 2013-11-15
Statement of Interest

OpenStack Nova, QA, and the Gate in general




Sean Dague is Senior Staff at Samsung Research America's Open Source Group, leading the OpenStack contribution effort there. He was previously part of IBM's Linux Technology Center where he worked on numerous Open Source projects, such as: SystemImager, OpenHPI, Xen, OpenSim, NFS Ganesha, and most recently, OpenStack.

He is currently the OpenStack QA Program PTL, with a broad focus to ensure that we produce the best possible OpenStack release. He's a core reviewer on Devstack, Tempest, Grenade, Nova, and lots of smaller projects within OpenStack.

Sean has been an avid Linux and Open Source user and contributor going back to college days. He created the Mid Hudson Linux Users Group in 2003, and has been running a monthly Linux and Open Source lecture series there ever since, exposing hundreds of people to the joys of Open Source technology.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Ironic,Openstack-ci,QA,DevStack