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Cole Crawford

Date Joined
August 01, 2012

Open Compute Foundation From (Current)
Nebula From (Current)
Statement of Interest

I was responsible for bringing openstack to the linux foundation for possible inclusion. Ensuring OpenStack stays interoperable, portable and compatible are the driving forces behind why I joined.




Cole is an industry recognized thought leader on OpenStack, Cloud API's, Linux, Virtualization, and Storage with 15 + years of experience. He is a sought after public speaker who sits on multiple technical advisory boards for cloud related companies. Cole is a cloud advisor to the Linux Foundation and the COO of the Open Compute Foundation.

As the COO and current storage project chair my goal for running would be to ensure that OpenStack and Open Compute stay aligned from a hardware / software perspective.  Hardware after all, is the lowest common demoninator for cloud interop.

I was working with Anso labs on introducing Nova to the market from day 1 (remember and am passioniate about seeing OpenStack succeed in the market.  I'm in a unique position to ensure alignment between 3 of the most relevant open source foundations in existence today (Open Compute, Linux, OpenStack).




I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift



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