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Colin McNamara

Date Joined
July 29, 2012

Dimension Data From 2014-04-18 (Current)
Nexus IS From 2011-07-11 To 2014-05-16
Statement of Interest

Development of full featured Cloud platforms for the consumption of Enterprise, Commercial AND Service Providers. cloud




My name is Colin McNamara. I work  as the Chief Cloud Architect for a Nexus IS, a systems integrator based in Silicon Valley I manage our Cloud and SDN development teams, as well as Open Source contributions from an engineering organization of more then 300 engineers.

I have been been involved with Open Source since 1998 when I switched all of my web servers at my former ISP to Linux. Since then I have been involved with, evengelized and/or contributed to many open source projects including Netsaint/Nagios, Cacti, Ubuntu, Golden Cheetah and more.

It is my belief that Open Source platforms, and the people that create / use them have been the fuel that the fire os Silicon Valley is based on. Support and growth of these people and platforms are key to the future of the Valley, the products we create, and the people that create them.

Much of the discussion is about what  I can do and want to do for OpenStack. But it is important to consider what I have been doing. Over the past year or so I have been doing the following -

Right now I am an OpenStack Ambassador, as wel as an active member of the community. I wish to contribute more. I believe that Open Software and Standards are key to our technology industry being successful in the long run. The success of OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation is key to making that happen.

I am doing what I can as an individual member of the foundation, as well as a leader in my own business to make this happen.

My thoughts on this and many other things can be found at

I can be found on twitter at @colinmcnamara



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Horizon,Quantum,Cinder,Openstack-manuals



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