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Li San Hor

Date Joined
July 15, 2014

Symantec From 2014-04-21 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Stay Connected and Continue to Innovate on OpenStack Technology


Li San is an experienced Program Manager and Scrum Master who became extremely intrigued when being exposed to the open source principles and the innovations led by OpenStack through its powerful community-based concept. As a psychologist in the high tech industry, she foresees huge potential in promoting cutting edge technology innovation if we can bridge the open source principles and OpenStack's community concepts with the human's psychology aspects. Thus, she becomes passionate to help people grow by eliciting their intrinsic motivations leveraging the open source principles and comunity-based concept. She aspires to inspire more new ideas and innovative contributions that are beyond individual's capabilities. She also aspires to become open source advocate and is looking forward to getting more involved with the OpenStack community.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Swift,Ceilometer,Release



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