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Tony Link

Date Joined
June 23, 2014

Janushost From 2011-07-01 (Current)
MedimmuneAstraZeneca From 2014-01-20 To 2014-06-27
MarriottXerox From 2013-09-01 To 2014-01-31
SAPSuccessfactors From 2012-09-01 To 2013-08-30
Statement of Interest

I love open source and am an infrastructure guy at heart. I'm seeking to promote openstack and it's benefits to my clients and employers. I am also very much looking forward to contributing code, thoughts and ideas to openstack.


I love working in Infrastructure. Not just in one silo ( Networking, DB, Applications ) but in all of them . I enjoy writing tools that look across technology stacks to identify problems. I've done this every job/contract that I've had since there's no vendor that creates these tools. 

I've written tools that identify spanning-tree roots across infrastructure as well as diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to augment system moniting tools. Did I mention that I love NMS and monitoring systems ? :)




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