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Individual Member Profile



Simon Anderson

Date Joined
July 19, 2012

DreamHost From (Current)
Inktank From (Current)
Statement of Interest

OpenStack powers DreamCompute, the public cloud computing service of DreamHost. We are big fans, coders and evangelizers of OpenStack, and plan to contribute to the vision and reality of the open cloud.


Simon is CEO of DreamHost, and Co-founder and Director of Inktank Storage. Both companies are very actively involved in developing, promoting, and using OpenStack globally.

Simon has been a Gold Member Director since the Foundation was established in 2012. He Chairs the Committee of the Board that provides guidance to companies considering Gold Membership, and is a member of the Compensation Committee and Elections committee.

DreamHost launched DreamCompute in 2013 - a public cloud computing service powered by OpenStack and Ceph. 



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Glance,Keystone,Horizon,Quantum,Cinder,Ceilometer,Heat