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shubham kumar sharma

Date Joined
April 28, 2014

Statement of Interest

I can see a great scope in OpenStack as a product. I feel a great sense of being "Open" too. I would like to contribute in Cinder and Swift but as I am a beiginner now, So I will start with tempest, QA etc.


I am Shubham Kumar Sharma. An IT Engineer by profession and a hard core Open Source Fan by heart. I have previously worked on many open source softwares. I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer. '

[Reason for being here]

I want to be the part of this changing world of IT and want to contribute the community whatever I have. For working on FOSS and Latest Trend, OpenStack is best to work upon. I am looking for a long-term contrubution relationship with OpenStack and willing to contribute more and more.

[Projects I am interested]

I have looked all the projects and found Cinder and Swift to best match as per my interest and expertise. But as I am just starting off, So, I will start with tempest, QA or some testing



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Swift,Cinder,Deployment



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