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Spencer Krum

Date Joined
April 16, 2014

Hewlett Packard Enterprise From 2014-06-16 (Current)
UTi Worldwide Inc From 2013-07-01 (Current)
Portland State University From 2009-10-08 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Open source rulez!




I work at HP on OpenStack. I build the internal copy of infra that hp uses to support internal development practices. At every step, we are working to make upstream better and more consumable. This is, to me, an unsolved problem and I enjoy the challenge that it brings.


I have a vision that the openstack infra puppet codebase can become a city on a hill for Puppet installations. I would like to see puppet experts pointing novices to this codebase for ideas and for guidance. It is the perfect example of openness and community collaboration coupled with a direct need to get work done. Hegel would be proud.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Openstack-ci



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