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Individual Member Profile

Rastin Kenarsari

Date Joined
April 08, 2014

UAS Research From 2015-09-23 (Current)
UAS From 2001-06-06 (Current)
Statement of Interest

I want to be part of creating solution for Elastic Infrastructure/Platform/Service by Intelligent Configuration Management based on Intelligent Telemetry


BS of EE Enginiring (Electonic) , Thesis Project: Text To speech Digital Hardware

M.S of EE Engineering (COmmunication Systems) Thesis Project: SNA/SDLC ,Token Ring Network Simulation

MBA (Innovation Management), Thesis : IoT: Intelliget Plate (Calrorie Metering by Intelligent Plate)



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Glance,Keystone,Horizon,Quantum,Cinder,Ceilometer,Heat,Trove,Ironic,Queue,DataProcessing,Oslo,Openstack-ci,Openstack-manuals,Deployment,DevStack,Release