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Dimitris Tsigos

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March 05, 2014

StackMasters LLC From 2013-09-01 (Current)
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Dimitris is a serial tech entrepreneurs and early stage investor. In September 2013 he co-founded StackMasters, a Cloud Specialist company founded in 2013, uniquely combining years of technical and business experience in technology from multiple perspectives, but carrying the enthusiasm of a cloud cutting-edge tech start-up. The StackMasters founders are specialists in cloud computing and have been following the evolving paradigm from different perspectives, since its beginning, wearing the hat of the provider, the consumer, the engineer and consultant, as well as the academic researcher. StackMasters carries the legacy and technical expertise of Virtual Trip Ltd, a 13-year-old IT services and technology venture and incubator, focusing on grid computing, distributed systems and architecture, virtualisation and open-source software implementations.