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Individual Member Profile

Tristan Whitehorne

Date Joined
February 26, 2014

Cisco From 2006-10-02 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Evolution of Hybrid and Service Provider clouds leveraging Openstack


Tristan is a Cloud Business Development Manager in Cisco Australia.  His key focus is helping Cisco’s end customers navigate their journey to cloud.  His role involves helping customers assess appropriate workloads to move to cloud, develop appropriate cloud procurement strategies and adopt organisational changes associated with an evolution of IT’s role towards that of a broker of IT services for business.  Tristan is also active in assisting Government with the development of Community Clouds and helping Independent Software Vendors move from license based to SaaS annuity revenue streams by delivering their offers from a Cisco Powered platform.

Tristan has been at Cisco for over seven years and previously performed a number of roles in Cisco Services:
Most recently Tristan was focussed on major Service Provider accounts in APJC running a business solutions team focussed on Cloud and Mobility.  The role involved helping SPs compete in the cloud services market through cloud services capability development and creation of differentiated offers.  In the area of mobility, initiatives were primarily focussed on monetisation and revenue generating strategies leveraging Cisco's recent acquisitions such as policy, API, analytics and small cells.
Prior to this Tristan worked in ANZ Service Sales and was tasked with developing and leading vertically relevant architecture lead engagements.  Key industry areas of focus included Real Estate and Construction, Smart Grid, Health and Defence
Tristan initially built the Advisory Services business in Australia which has now evolved into Cisco Consulting Services.
Tristan's career prior to Cisco included two terms at Accenture where he worked primarily with Public Sector and FSI clients including: ATO and DEWR in Federal Government; Central Government and TAC in Victoria; Rail, Justice and Shared Services in Queensland; Government Agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong and AMP and CBA.  He also worked at Zurich Financial Services in the UK where he was a Director of Application Development and Maintenance for the Life Insurance Business and subsequently a Director of European Shared Services. 




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