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Craig Vyvial

Date Joined
July 27, 2012

HP Enterprise From 2015-06-01 (Current)
Rackspace From 2011-05-02 To 2015-05-01
Statement of Interest

Keep involved in the community and spread the word.




Craig Vyvial has been a Software Engineer for 8 years currently working on the HP Helion Cloud. He has a background in cloud infrastructure and database integration from Rackspace and Pervasive Software. With a love of open source development, he sparked an interest in Openstack and has been involved for the last 4 years on various projects in the ecosystem but mainly focused on Trove.

Craig is a core contributor on Trove focused on ensuring Trove is a world class database as a service. From the inception of Trove, Craig has been involved designing a smooth user experience. Some of the many core features that he has contributed are instance creation and details as well as configuration management. He has proven that Trove can be deployed and managed at scale. Craig is a geek and enjoys playing video games and reading up on technology trends.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Glance,Keystone,Quantum,Cinder,Trove



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