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Augie Mena

Date Joined
February 24, 2014

IBM Corporation From 1984-05-14 (Current)
Statement of Interest

OpenStack-based product evaluation


Augie Mena, STSM Cloud Performance Engineering

Augie is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Cloud Foundation Services Performance Engineering group within the IBM Cloud unit. His current responsibilities include ensuring performance and scalability of OpenStack and compute services on IBM cloud products. Prior to joining the IBM Cloud unit, Augie worked on various aspects of systems performance within the IBM Systems unit for 20+ years, including AIX kernel, local file systems, NFS, and virtualization performance. He also led teams working on virtualization and cloud management performance, and is a recognized expert in Live Partition Mobility (LPM) performance

Augie joined IBM out of college in 1985 at the IBM Federal Systems division in Houston where he worked on the Space Station project. He has been a member of the SPEC industry standard benchmarks organization for approximately 20 years, being an active participant and contributor within the SPECsfs, SPECvirtualization, and SPEC Cloud committees. His recognitions within IBM include an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for File Systems and NFS Performance, and a 4th Plateau Invention Achievement Award based on a number of published patents. Augie has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1984) from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master of Electrical Engineering (1993) from Rice University.




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