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Individual Member Profile

Rohit Vaidya

Date Joined
January 14, 2014

Oracle From 2011-07-25 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Want to spent time among quality smart people. Make open source code contributions. The industry has a abuzz with cloud with new problems and challenges. Want to be part of the solution.

rohitvvv (gmail)



My day job involves creating reusable components for a proprietary framework at Oracle. This also includes regular maintenance and critical customer bug fixes. In my spare time I love doing Mathematics and Computer Algorithms. Passionate about computer algorithms and strong urge to solve problems using it as a tool keeps me going. I am a hobby guitarist.My spare time goes into browsing open source code, Coursera and Donald Knuths work. 



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Horizon,Quantum,Queue,DataProcessing,Oslo,Openstack-ci



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