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Matthew Kassawara

Date Joined
November 25, 2013

Arrow ECS From 2011-10-24 (Current)
Statement of Interest

I want to assist with improving the documentation.


One of the networking vendors I support has a deep involvement in OpenStack, particularly software-defined networking (SDN) components, and asked me to develop training, demonstrations, and lab environments for their partners. While attempting to install OpenStack for the first time, I ran into significant hurdles from issues with the installation guide. After determining the source of the main problem (which many others were also experiencing), I filed my first bug with a suggested patch. After filing a considerable number of additional bugs, someone from the documentation team asked me to consider contributing patches. The workflow took some time to learn, but now I'm making the documentation better by attacking the long list of bugs and also determining common sticking points by hanging out in #openstack on IRC and on the mailing lists. I really enjoy working with the documentation team to make OpenStack easier to learn and use. Outside of working on OpenStack, I like the outdoors including cycling, flying radio-controlled helicopters, and taking to the skies in airplanes.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Openstack-manuals