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Kord Campbell

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September 06, 2013

StackMonkey From 2014-05-12 (Current)
Rackspace From 2013-09-06 (Current)
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I do simple installers for OpenStack.



I'm a writer who's never written a book.  That changes as soon as I get done writing this damn software.


I'm an entrepreneur and a technologist futurist.  If you've ever needed someone to understand new technology, I'm your guy. I know how to do everything from writing marketing plans to writing user interface code. I can compose revenue models and sniff the network for intruders in the same afternoon, and make all of it fit into a budget before tea time.

I’m a meat and potatoes guy - smart and simple is my philosophy. If I don’t know an answer to a question, I’ll admit as much and go find someone who does know, pick their brain, and figure out how that relates to the things I do know. If I know the answer, I’ll teach others what I know, and do it without hesitation.

For me, this is my dream - to create, design, implement, market and write about technology.