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Kord Campbell

Date Joined
September 06, 2013

Giant Swarm From 2015-02-01 To 2016-12-31
Statement of Interest

Secure deployment wisdom.




Kord is an errant futurist & maverick cloud architect based out of the San Francisco Bay area, who spends his days thinking about the philosphy behind the cloud, what drives innovation in the space, and where things are going in the future. Kord created and maintains the StackGeek install scripts, which have been used by ~20K unique admin who are interested in installing and trying out OpenStack.

Kord lives in Moraga, CA with his wife, kids and his dog Xen Hypervisor. He's currently working on Wisdom, a blockchain backed immutable storage system which is used to deploy and manage SaaS-like software securely in any environement in a cooperative, federated way between users and vendors.




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