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Mike Holzinger

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September 05, 2013

None From 2013-09-05 (Current)
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I'm a C programmer with experience in VirtualBox and VMWare. I love the mission statement for openstack and would like to contribute my skills




I am a programmer who enjoys days spent looking at HEX in a debugger and writing C for UNIX sockets. I am passionate about scripting tiny applications and writing utilities for embedded systems. I consider the UNIX Network Programming by Richard Stevens to be one of the fundamentals of my programming book library.

I have designed clients for symmetric/asymmetric FIPS certified encryption key server. Certifications with NIST for the following algorithms : AES. HMAC. SHA/SHA2 and X931-PRNG. 

I am X509 Digital Certificate proficient.

*NIX Platforms: Ubuntu, Redhat, SuSE, JeoS

Specialties: AES encryption programming, X509 digital certificates, OpenSSL programming, porting and hacking. PCI DSS, PKI key management.