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Vishvananda Ishaya

Date Joined
July 25, 2012

Nebula From 2013-06-11 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Openstack Technical Committee Member




Vish Ishaya is the Chief Technology Officer at Nebula, Inc. Prior to joining Nebula, he was a Principal Engineer with Rackspace Cloud Builders. He was also a Senior Systems Engineer with Anso Labs and NASA Nebula Technical Lead during the creation of Nova, one of the founding OpenStack projects.

He is a highly prolific developer who has been one of the top contributors to OpenStack. He has been a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee since its inception, and was recently elected to the OpenStack Board, which along with other prominent community members helps guide the vision of the OpenStack project.

Vish was elected to four consecutive terms as the OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead. In addition to his excellent programming and systems skills, Vish has spent over a decade teaching, most recently classes in object oriented analysis and design.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Glance,Cinder,Oslo,DevStack


Vishvananda is a candidate in the 2014 Board Election.


What is your relationship to OpenStack, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to OpenStack's success to date?


I have a strong personal relationship to OpenStack. My journey with OpenStack started in a shared house in San Francisco where 6 of us wrote the first few lines of Nova. Like a proud father, I have watched OpenStack grow from its tiny beginnings to the juggernaut that it has become today. We have done well to grow the community faster than any other, but we must stay close to our beginnings if OpenStack is going to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of cloud.


Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


Many years ago I helped lead some non-profits dedicated to meditation. I learned that the most important skill in working with large groups of people is bridge-building. You must get people to see eye-to-eye to make democratic decisions. My time leading the OpenStack compute project and being a member of the technical comittee has reinforced this understanding and allowed me to bring the same principles into technical discussions. I think I have a unique ability to bring technical and business people together and form consensus.


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenStack's success?


Most importantly, the board is responsible for bringing all of the disparate corporate interests together under one tent. One of the founding principles of the OpenStack Foundation is the proverbial "Join or Die". We are responsible for ensuring that OpenStack remains a cohesive whole.


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be in 2014?


Providing a simple bar for core projects and a clear, testable definition of OpenStack compatible.

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