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Drew Smith

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August 23, 2013

Cloudscaling From 2013-08-23 (Current)
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Cloud Applications Engineer


Like many (most?) of us, I've been doing this for a long time - BBS administration in high school, Linux on my 486 in college, ethernet cables running through the hallways of my first apartment... you know the score. By the time I bought my first house I had at least a half-dozen headless machines running up my monthly power bills.

When I decided to sell everything I owned and move onto a cruising sailboat, I had to make dramatic changes in a lot of my core values. Hot showers and dry socks became novelties, and trying to run more than a laptop off a solar-and-wind-powered electrical system in the cloudy Pacific Northwest is laughably difficult. Offloading services to the cloud became an obsession, and soon I was scaling websites by day, bailing rowboats by night.

Five years living and working at anchor, sailing from Canada to Mexico and beyond, was enough to seal the deal - my fiancée and I want to do a circumnavigation. First we need to refill the bank accounts, so we've moved to San Francisco and I've accepted a role as an Operations Engineer with Cloudscaling for the next couple of years. Daily my skills are challenged, as we help our clients use Open Cloud System to build the next generation of agile datacenters.