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*Talented, Ambitious Programmers Wanted*

At SwiftStack we’re building software to help people create large scale 
object storage infrastructure in their own data center easily. We use 
OpenStack Swift to help make this happen. We’re among Swift’s most active 
contributors, and we're looking for people who want to contribute 
significantly to OpenStack as well as develop substantial original IP to 
take it even further.

As an engineer at SwiftStack, you might:

- Analyze the workflow of our Controller application and make changes to 
help people more easily create and manipulate storage clusters in unique or 
unforseen situations 
- Create new data placement algorithms, navigate a demanding peer review 
process and contribute them to Swift 
- Figure out new approaches to scalably monitor data streaming in from 
thousands of storage nodes and figure out what’s important in that data to 
notify users about

We’re looking for folks at *all levels of experience* who find these sorts 
of problems to be interesting. We hire primarily for talent rather than 
highly specific skills -- heck, you don't even need to know Python -- but 
you’ll definitely get our attention if you

- Are (demonstrably) a Python or Django wizard 
- Have experience writing and maintaining distributed systems 
- Have made significant contributions to storage or database software

Come work with some of the most talented folks around, help us free the 
world from expensive, proprietary data storage solutions, and write 
software that's used all over the world to manage billions of objects!