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Cloud Services Quality Engineering is a top notch team that is responsible for the overall quality of the innovative and world class on-demand cloud computing platform at Yahoo!  The QE  Team partners closely with our Development Teams to ensure defects are found closest to the source by adopting industry standard (eg. continuous integration standards) and methodologies (eg Agile) and also by promoting engineering best practices.  The Cloud Services is chartered to provide platform and infrastructure components, as well as software as a service to all the development teams in Yahoo!.  
Projects we are working on are:
• Distributed Structured storage
• Distributed User data storage
• Distributed Unstructured storage
• Data Serving Platform/Containers
• Apache Traffic Server
• Video serving platform
• Data Movement Technology
•  Indexing and Search technology

• OpenStack Technology   

Key Responsibilities:
• Design test plans, write test cases, review functional requirement documentation, and present test strategies for team review
• Submit, regress, and verify defects (Greybox/Whitebox)
• Be part of the Agile Team – attend scrums,  sprint planning / backlog reviews - communicate project / testing status to internal and external teams in a timely fashion
• Perform debugging and root cause analysis of product failures or defects
• Produce quality test code (C++/Java/C and scripting) to cover and qualify with functional / load  and integrated test cases
• Design and Develop test automation framework & test tools for your feature areas
• Write automated test cases to ensure the adequate coverage for fixes and regression-free deliverables
• Do code review sessions with peers.  
• Identify and adopt new testing methodologies, best practices, and tools from appropriate sources, to improve test coverage
• Be proactive and exercise flexibility and multi-tasking ability in an event filled environment
• Fully understand the internal and external software processes / system dependencies

Minimum Requirements:
• 4-5 years experience in Software QA(whitebox and greybox) with focus on testing backend server and web applications/ system bases components. No UI or GUI testing.
• Strong in skills debugging, troubleshooting and problem solving
• Knowledge of  Internet/Web-serving QA Methodologies  
• Experience writing Functional Test/ Component Tests/ Integrated Test/ Load Testing  and understand different testing theories, methodologies, analysis and tools
• 5+ years of recent Linux/Unix Internals Knowledge/ Unix System Experience: command-line usage, shell scripting, environment control, system utilities, analysis of system resources
• Proficient in Test Planning and test case designing/writing and execution against C++ and Java code.
• Ability to  code in C/C++/Java and run debugger against the code in order to pinpoint / isolate any issues in core system and all other interdependencies / components. (understand sockets and threads)
• Knowledge / Background  in running stress and performance tests
• Proficient in testing and debugging in large scale distributed systems / high performance/ multi-thread environment
• Ability to write scripts in Perl, Python or Shell for creating  test tools and automation
• Writing and verbal skills in English are required for this position.
• Hands on knowledge in writing/running cppunit/junit/valgrind

Preferred Job Qualifications:
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Master preferred.
• Excellent QA principles for testing, planning, and defect classification
• Analytical problem solving and passion for quality and excellent testing aptitude
• Experience working with remote development staff and QA teams
• Strong Java coding/testing knowledge
• Experience with or knowledge of any QA tools (including: web monitoring, code coverage, memory tools, 3rd party)
• Experience w/ Networking TCP/IP

Ability to work with people, API Specifications,  C/C++, Java,  Component Behavior Testing, Debugging, Develop Test Plans, Process, Strategy, File systems, Linux, Linux Memory Management, Network or System Management, Networking, Perl, Shell Scripting and Test Automation, Automation Tools, Unix Internals, Verbal and Written Skills