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As a Software Engineer in test you have the opportunity to become the integral part of the growing Open Stack community. Quality and robustness of Red Hat’s products have been the industry benchmarks for some time now, be it RHEL, JBoss, Gluster, etc . You will be responsible for designing and implementing build and test infrastructure, creating and enforcing good engineering practices, and evaluating product quality. You will work with upstream community and Red Hat developers to create new test cases, automate testing, implement new automation tools and create innovative automated test systems. These test systems explore and validate the functional correctness, performance capabilities, and resource usage of our software, as well as their interaction with other Red Hat products.

Primary job responsibilities

* Development and maintenance of OpenStack testing and continuous build infrastructure.
* Development of unit and integration tests for all OpenStack components
* Work with quality assurance teams to assist in test planning and development

Required skills

* Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
* 5-10 years of significant software development experience
* Experience with integration testing and continuous build infrastructure
* Experience working on or with a quality assurance team for enterprise quality software
* Experience in several programming languages - e.g. C, Java, Ruby, Python - with Python experience being a particular advantage
* A passion for open source software development
* A keen eye for good architecture and the ability to develop new architectures
* A deep understanding of Cloud Computing and Infrastructure as a Service
* Focus on test driven development with good knowledge of unit testing frameworks and methodologies
* Packaging experience with distributions using RPM
* Experience with KVM based virtualization and libvirt