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Infrastructure Engineering at Yahoo! is responsible for the servers, operating systems, network gear, filers, and other equipment that underlie Yahoo!'s business. When your installed server base is measured in hundreds of thousands of systems, you don't do anything once, or even just a hundred times, and you never do anything by hand. The Infrastructure Automation team of which you'll be a member makes the tools that let very small numbers of people manage very large numbers of servers. We automate all kinds of processes, from work flow to testing, and provide development support for other infrastructure engineers. 
We need a developer to help build out our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) initiative. IaaS will be powered by OpenStack under-the-hood to provide a single consistent & one virtualization solution for computing resources at Yahoo. Many of the functions in OpenStack are redundant to the existing tools built to manage our physical hosts and full integration would require changes to both OpenStack and Yahoo! tools.
Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Understanding of abstract data types, algorithms and analysis. Understanding of object-oriented design and programming. 

Ability to write high quality, well-documented, self-documenting, maintainable, unit tested, per formant code. Have a sample? or a  willingness to learn Perl / Python. Understanding of common testing practices and methodologies. A willingness to learn and try new stuff, every day. Things change fast around here, and if you don't like change, you won't like this job any more than it likes you. Relentless customer focus. Good verbal and written communication skills. 
Good to have:


  • Experience with virtualization.
  • Experience with Hudson or other continuous integration tools.
  • Experience with Subversion.
  • Production operations experience, particularly large-scale or web operations experience.
  • Experience with Linux or FreeBSD system administration.