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Red Hat Cloud Engineering is seeking a developer with broad software engineering experience and an interest in Infrastructure as a Service to join their OpenStack team.

The successful candidate will be expected to contribute generally to the OpenStack effort upstream and in Fedora. This will include a specific role in defining the architecture of new projects or features, and developing those from inception through to inclusion upstream.

The role involves being a part of a distributed team and working independently but in tight collaboration and regular communication with other team members and upstream developers. Ideal candidates should be passionate about cutting edge software development, and open source.

Teams are geographically diverse, so candidates can be located nearly anywhere; however, we would prefer candidates local to our offices in Westford, MA; Brno, Czech Republic; Tel Aviv, Israel and Raleigh, NC.

This role will be involved in the development and maintenance of various OpenStack components (Nova, Glance, Swift, Quantum, Horizon, etc.)

* 5-10 years of significant software development experience
* Solid experience programming in Python. Additional languages such as Ruby, Java, C would be an advantage
* A deep understanding of Cloud Computing and Infrastructure as a Service
* A passion for open source software development
* Experience with large-scale Cloud/ Virtualization network deployment

If this is the role for you, please reach out to me!

Adam McCormick
Tech Recruiter, Red Hat 978.496.9704 / [email protected]