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Zadara Storage is seeking a highly talented, self motivated, team player to join our global team of innovators and recognized experts and create a unique, scalable and distributed block and file cloud storage system. This is an excellent opportunity to become a key contributor to OpenStack projects, while creating the next generation of cloud storage". In this role you will take a significant part in the R&D team, leading a verity of missions to design, develop and maintain Linux system-level software for a distributed storage system.We are looking for people who want to influence, build, learn and deliver exceptional software. Experience in startups is a plus.

Job Responsibilities

  • Individual Contributor who can own/design/develop/fix issues of a cloud orchestration stack (openstack)
  • Significant role in all parts of the software development process
  • Contribute to the overall architecture of the component¬†¬†

Skill Set:

  • 6-12 years with very strong product development experience
  • Strong conceptual/working knowledge of Storage Technologies
  • Strong Linux systems programming Python & C programming knowledge
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to collaborate with open-source community & drive directions in the community

Contact:¬†[email protected]