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Work on OpenStack back-end services, such as nova, heat, etc. 
Join and contribute to the OpenStack communities 
Resolve problem during deployment

At least 2 years as a Python programmer, familiar with WSGI, Greenlet, etc. 
At least 3 years working on Linux platform. 
Familiar with REST API development 
Familiar with MySQL and RabbitMQ 
Experience with OpenStack HA is a big plus 
Familiar with Agile development and TDD is a big plus 
Knowledge with Git 
Good communication skills

Microchid is a new venture that focus on providing solution from IAAS to 
SAAS in China for industry users. In May, we create a new department to 
create our IAAS solution based on OpenStack, our target is to 
create fantastic user experience cloud platform. 
In our core team, we have one CEO who is 10+ years sales background in the 
industry, one CPO who is 10+ years product manager background in telecom 
industry and one CTO who is 10 years development and project management 
background in foreign company, and also be a speaker in OpenStack APAC 
Beijing August 2013. 
Join us, to be a parter on the road to success.

Contact us 
Email: [email protected] 
Sina weibo: @RaySun