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As an early-stage start-up, Metacloud offers a unique opportunity for talented, passionate, and highly-creative software engineers to have a wide-ranging impact on our organization’s products and services. As a member of our Cloud Software Engineering team, you will be responsible for implementing features, fixes, enhancements, and completely new services which will become essential components of the Metacloud software stack.

Position Responsibilities:

In this multi-faceted role, the Senior Cloud Software Engineer will be responsible for:

  • Working side-by-side in a truly collaborative manner with our architecture, operations, sales, marketing, and executive leadership team to implement and maintain core modules of the Metacloud stack solution.
  • Collaborating with your peers in the software engineering group to ensure that our products meet our stringent quality requirements.
  • Taking ownership of those parts of the system to which you are either assigned or assume control.
  • Becoming truly proficient in OpenStack’s Python API bindings.
  • Join and contribute to the communities and foundations that support our chosen open-source technologies and platforms. How you provide support will be dictated by your own interests, abilities, and personal passions.
  • As an employee of Metacloud, you are officially part of Metacloud’s staffing team! You will participate in interview training, shadow interviewing, employee development events, job fairs, and conferences. We firmly believe that great people seek opportunities to work with others who are smart, interesting, passionate, and work well with the team. We will ask you to help us make that true.
  • You will be required to have fun, love what you do, and support a transparent and open work environment.
  • Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS... nice to have but... we’ll focus on what you know right now, what you have accomplished, where you shine, and how your current and future goals mesh with ours.
  • 3-5  years of prior experience analyzing, designing, and implementing  infrastructure related projects, APIs, and large-scale distributed systems.
  • 1-3 years of heavy Python development.
  • 1-3 years of prior experience working with configuration management solutions such as Puppet, Chef, Salt Stack, etc.
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Experience with Python development for OpenStack is a major plus!
  • Startup experience is ideal. All candidates need experience with rapidly-changing, agile environments, and show that they can not only thrive, but nimbly navigate the waters and keep priority tasks on target and on date.
  • A high degree of passion for your craft. We will ask for code samples, examples of highly creative use of a language and/or platform, your contributions to an open-source project, etc.
  • You have to be able to “play nice with others.” Metacloud seeks extraordinary minds, talent, and abilities, but not at the expense of our company culture and the tranquility of our employees and workplace.