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Job summary

Engineering is at the core of Red Hat. Our Engineers help develop and maintain the elegant code that comprises our products, and work with the greater community of upstream open source developers to create our technology. Advance your career while advancing the technology you care about. We are seeking software engineers to join the teams working on all aspects of OpenStack, including Quantum (network management), Nova (Compute engine), Swift (storage), Heat (Configuration management). Candidates for this position must be comfortable working across various technologies including Python, Bash, and Java. Additionally, in the spirit of open source, candidates must be comfortable with collaborative merit-based work, where all ideas are heard and the best ones are implemented.

Our teams are diverse in terms of how they organize their workflow styles. Since we do a lot of upstream/community collaboration, a big plus is experience working in open-source-style groups. In terms of technologies, Quantum is all about network configuration and topology; ie how to describe programmatically a network configuration, and implement it on the fly. Swift deals with similar issues for storage; how to allocated and manage storage and filesystems for ease of setup, and good performance in the cloud. Heat talks about orchestration of complex apps. Previous exposure to any or all of these domains would be considered a big plus.

Red Hat is a global company and teams are geographically diverse, so candidates can be located nearly anywhere. However, we would prefer candidates local to our offices in Westford, MA; Brno, Czech Republic; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Raleigh, NC. Engineers with the kind of experience we need can work anywhere, but they choose to work at Red Hat because here they can make a direct and lasting difference in the technology they care about. Come prepared to have an impact.

Primary job responsibilities

  • Create new features, and contribute them to the upstream projects. The code could be in Ruby, Java, or Python.
  • Submit patches for bug fixes to the community, and review patches from other community members.
  • Educate the team on new features via sprint reviews or small team presentations.
  • Work with the QE group to ensure that the projects are tested correctly.

Required skills

  • Strong object-oriented software development skills.
  • Outstanding development experience in either Python Django / Turbogears, Ruby on Rails, or Java / J2EE.
  • Experience with automated testing tools such as Junit, Mock, Jenkins, Selenium or Nose.
  • Experience with server componentization technologies such as EJBs, Seam, Spring, Rest, etc.
  • Experience with different Web UI technologies (Django, Rails, JQuery).
  • Experience with various deployment models including clouds, virtualization, and sharded data sets.
  • Experience with both relational databases (Postgres, Mysql) and nosql databases (mongo).
  • Experience collaborating with technical teams in remote and international locations.
  • Some experience with systems management tools/infrastructure software.

Email Resumes and Inquires to: Brian Guillemette Red Hat® | Global Talent Acquisition Manager | e: [email protected]| +1 617-902-0547