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Our Ambition:

To be a European leader in mission-critical digital systems.

Effectively combining processing power and security, Bull designs, implements and runs internationally renowned solutions for public and private sector organizations alike, that transform information systems into positive drivers for excellence, differentiation and value creation. As a trusted business partner, Bull helps its customers seize all the opportunities of the digital revolution, while managing its inherent risks.

Key Figures Revenue: €1.3 billion 9,000 employees Operates in over 50 countries


Bull is seeking mid- to senior-level software engineers with experiences in distributed systems, virtualization, networking and open-source development to join the Cloud Computing Engineering Team. As a team member, you will be deeply involved in a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technologies including REST Web Services, OpenStack and DevOps automation tools, to name just a few.

As a member of the Cloud Computing Engineering Team, you will be involved in the design and implementation of a most advanced high-performance cloud computing platform. You will work closely with the other members of the team who are part of a distributed and agile organization with a strong focus on delivering outstanding results based on quickly evolving requirements.



Desired skills:


The role involves being part of an agile and distributed team organization. The ideal candidate should be passionate about his or her job and have excellent problem-solving skills. He or she should be capable of working independently, but in tight collaboration through regular communication with other team members and upstream contributors, and be capable of driving consensus on proposed design and implementation solutions.


A Computer Science or related undergraduate and/or master’s degree is required. Any other demonstrated high-technology aptitude is desired.