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Who we are

Mirantis is the de-facto leader in engineering services for OpenStack. We are fully committed to building OpenStack clouds and making them easier to deploy, manage, monitor, test, customize and upgrade. We have completed dozens of OpenStack projects for our customers, including Cisco, eBay and NASA. Some say we "have more experience in OpenStack than anyone else out there". It’s worth mentioning that a significant portion of our work is contributed back to the community. We believe that cloud should be to an IT infrastructure as an operating system is to a computer - a powerful, flexible and rock-solid level of abstraction. Our projects directly contribute to this future: deployment and CI/CD automation, H/A, integration with specialized networking and storage technologies, HPC on bare metal.

Who are we looking for

As collaboration with the community is vital to our goals, we are looking for someone who will fully immerse themselves in it. We expect you to:

You will have the opportunity to influence the direction in which cloud "state of the art" is moving. Requirements:

The position is in Mountain View, CA. Please send your cover letter and resume to cv [at]