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We need engineers to build and support cloud platforms for our customers. These platforms are highly visible, global platforms providing industry leading XaaS capabilities to end users. 

You are:

  • An experienced OpenStacker. You've installed and run OpenStack in a production environment delivering real value to real people. You've broken it, fixed it and made sure it doesn't happen again.
  • An automator. It doesn't matter what flavour of automation. You love to see a job well done and preferably by your robot minions.
  • An integrator. Real solutions aren’t made from ivory towers. You know how to put things together to make a robust solution.
  • Not a dickhead. We're grownups, and you need to be one too.
  • Customer focused. The only job well done is one that makes the customer happy.
  • Flexible. OpenStack is the result of international collaboration: sometimes we have to keep odd hours to achieve that. Sometimes we have to fix broken things at inconvenient times. It happens.
  • Organised. We'll give you the tools, you need to make sure you use them.
  • Excellent. You deliver the best possible outcome.

We are:

  • A profitable early stage startup with marquee strategic deals in place. We’re growing quickly and sustainably.
  • APAC's leading OpenStack delivery team.
  • Also not dickheads. See above.
  • Flexible. We're results based, not time sheet based. Most of the time you can work when you like, where you like, so long as we know what you’re up to and you deliver on time.
  • Diverse. We'd prefer it if you weren't just like us. A good culture has lots of facets.
  • Open. We listen and we tell you what we think.
  • Open. We send our code upstream. We’re into communities and contribution.
  • Open. As in beer.
  • All about the improvement. If Agile taught us one thing, it’s that we’re never really good enough.
  • Generous. Our remuneration packages are pretty damn good, we send big teams to conferences, and we like to shout impromptu excursions for lunch