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Citrix is seeking a senior software engineer with specialized skills in cloud computing, server virtualization, and open-source development to join the OpenStack Engineering team.

This team is responsible for improving Citrix’s support for OpenStack, across the product portfolio.  In particular, we work to improve OpenStack’s support for XenServer, working with the XenServer team in their designs for new cloud-specific features, and exposing them within OpenStack as they are developed.

You will be responsible for software design and development within the OpenStack open-source community, collaborating with the community and the XenServer product team.  You will design and implement cutting-edge features for both public and private cloud deployments that use OpenStack.
You will also be responsible for aiding and encouraging OpenStack users to use XenServer and the new features that you have developed, including mailing list support, documentation, and blogging.

This is primarily a development role, but includes significant R & D responsibilities, and day-to-day project management and scheduling.  You will be a senior technical member of the team in Cambridge (with Cambourne as an option), working most closely with a peer team in Santa Clara, California, the Xen and XenServer teams in Cambridge, and the open-source communities globally.  This is a small team, with responsibility for all aspects of feature development, including reviews and automated QA.
This is a rare opportunity to participate in a pure open-source project with an open mandate to innovate.

• Feature design and development.
• Collaboration with multiple open-source communities around the world.
• Prototype development through to product-quality feature development, including documentation and automated testing.
• Community leadership and advice.
Qualifications and Requirements
• Bachelor's degree or better, preferably in software engineering or computer science.
• 5+ years experience of distributed systems software development preferred, though strong post-doctoral candidates are also welcome to apply.
• Experience of Python essential.  All development is in Python.
• Experience within the OpenStack or Xen communities strongly preferred.  Other open-source involvement would be a reasonable alternative.
• Candidates must demonstrate deep and broad understanding of the problems involved in building large distributed systems, and would be able to design and develop solutions to those problems.
Experience in the following areas would all be additionally valuable:
• Server virtualization in general, and Xen or XenServer in particular.
• Distributed storage.
• Datacenter-scale deployments, in particular the networking aspects.