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The Linux Systems/OpenStack Engineer’s duties are to design, build, and manage Linux-based systems, virtualization, and SDN platforms in direct support of company-wide business initiatives. You’ll be an integral part of our technology department, which is at its best when collaboratively thinking through difficult problems and encouraging individuals to work independently when implementing their solutions. Our environment promotes interaction with the users we support as is embodied by our bullpen-style open work environment. This is an excellent opportunity to become a key contributor to OpenStack projects, while creating the next generation of network-centric cloud architectures.
This position reports to the Vice President of Technology.


·      Primarily deploy Linux servers and virtual machines running Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems, as part of our OpenStack platform.
·      Occasionally deploy Windows virtual machines.

Operational Management
·      Iterate on the design of a production private cloud, built on the OpenStack platform.
·      Manage the hypervisor, storage, and networking components within a production OpenStack platform.
·      Research and develop components critical to a company-wide Software Defined Networking initiative.
·      Actively engage the OpenStack community and other relevant open source work efforts to ensure alignment of business and infrastructure.
·      Manage existing network systems between datacenter facilities and remote office locations.
·      Develop automation scripts to automate repetitive systems functions.
·      Manage all accounts, permissions, access rights, and storage allocations in accordance with best-practices regarding privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.
·      Perform and test routine system backups and restores.
·      Communicate with team members to provide regular updates on progress and issues to address.
·      Anticipate, mitigate, identify, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware and software problems on servers.
·      Support application development teams throughout project lifecycles.
·      Analyze system, server, application, and network performance.
·      Recommend, schedule, and perform software and hardware improvements, upgrades, patches, and reconfigurations.
·      Work with network and server hardware vendors to ensure continued support of both existing and future technical endeavors.
·      Conduct research on emerging products, services, protocols, and standards in support of systems software procurement and development efforts.
·      Develop, document, and maintain policies, procedures and associated training plans for system administration and appropriate use.

Position Requirements

Formal Education & Certification
·      College diploma or university degree in the field of computer science and/or 5 years equivalent work experience.
·      Networking and OS-specific certifications are a plus.

Knowledge & Experience
·      Working technical knowledge of network, PC, and platform operating systems, including Ubuntu and/or CentOS Linux, Windows Server 2008, and Mac OSX.
·      Working technical knowledge of Linux services and applications, including IP Tables, SELinux, and Samba.
·      Experience with KVM virtualization.
·      Experience implementing Linux server security best-practices.
·      Experience managing networking equipment, including routers, firewalls, and load-balancers.
·      Experience documenting and maintaining configuration and process information.
·      Knowledge of local area network security and administration, including both wired and wireless implementations.
·      Experience working in an organization with multiple datacenters is a plus.
·      Knowledge of Nginx, MySQL, and Splunk/Nagios is a plus.
·      Knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws is a plus.
·      Social media involvement (Facebook, Twitter, Hacker News, etc.) is a plus.
·      Interest in blogging about IT solutions and trends is also a plus.

Personal Attributes
·      Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities.
·      Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
·      Skilled at working within a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
·      Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills.
·      Adept at reading, writing, and interpreting technical documentation and procedure manuals.
·      Ability to conduct research into hardware and software issues and products as required.
·      Ability to present ideas and solutions in user-friendly language.
·      Highly self-motivated and directed.
·      Keen attention to detail.
·      The ideal candidate must be passionate about working on a fast paced team, and dedicated to making great things happen.

Work Conditions
·      40-hour on-site work week with on-call availability
·      Sitting for extended periods of time.
·      Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard, mouse, power tools, and to handle other computer components.
·      Occasional inspection of cables in floors and ceilings.
·      Lifting and transporting of moderately heavy objects, such as computers and peripherals.
·      Local and long-distance travel may be necessary in some instances.