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About us

Cloud Files is Rackspace's OpenStack powered scalable cloud object store. It handles billions of requests every month, stores petabytes of data, spans across hundreds of servers, and is deployed in multiple data centers.

About the Job

  • Cloud Files is growing exponentially so we're looking for someone to help us expand in a scalable fashion and to wrangle our ever growing infrastructure by helping us automating everything possible.
  • You will work with a top notch, dedicated dev-ops team and get to help solve problems at scales few others will ever face.

Your responsibilities

  • You will constantly search for new ways to help us better monitor our infrastructure, deploy new capacity faster, release code more safely, and make us more resilient.
  • You will help deploy new services and product features.
  • You will help our infrastructure efficiently utilize new data centers, improved hardware platforms, and better software.
  • You will help write automation tools/scripts to help keep the operations team nimble and focused on the challenges ahead.
  • Participate in an on-call rotation (a few times a quarter) and help triage and resolve production issues.
  • You will own a core piece of Rackspace's cloud infrastructure and will take personal responsibility for the quality and reliability of our product.


  • Must be proficient in Linux systems and their administration (you have a favorite distro and you're passionate about it). You have a more than just a fundamental understanding of Linux.
  • You have a basic understanding of network routing and protocols (NAT, TCP, VLANs), firewalls, and DNS.
  • You are proficient at bash scripting and have written at least one 1-liner that you're proud of.
  • You are familiar with configuration management tools such as Chef/Puppet/Fabric.
  • You are familiar with at least one commercial or open-source load balancing solution such as HAProxy, Nginx, or F5.
  • You have at least a conceptual understanding of how to load balance a high traffic system and the principles that help you scale.
  • You have previous experience with monitoring solutions such as Nagios, Munin, or Zenoss.
  • You have some exposure to applications and services like Memcache, Redis, Bind, Zenoss, Nginx, or dsh.
  • You want to graph and automate everything!
  • You are diligent. Protecting your customers' data always comes first.

Nice to haves

  • Familiarity with Python/Ruby/Clojure or some language other than bash.
  • You've written a Nagios plugin or two in your time.
  • You've investigated OpenStack and have maybe even played with OpenStack Swift.
  • You've used services such as Rackspace Cloud Files or Amazon S3 in previous projects.
  • You like to contribute to open source projects.
  • You like to hack on or test out new hardware (you just bought your self an awesome new SSD!)

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