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Job Description
Basic Purpose
Participates in the design, development and operations of the Magellan Cloud infrastructure.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience
Comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in UNIX systems administration processes, with emphasis on configuration and HPC resource management Comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in computing hardware platforms, including CPU architecture, system design, GPU capabilities, interconnect networks. Comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in programming languages for system management and system software development, including Python, Perl, C, shell scripting. Comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in problem diagnosis and root cause determination.

Considerable knowledge of and expertise in network design, administration, and protocols Considerable knowledge of and expertise in system, storage and network benchmarking Considerable ability to communicate well with people of diverse backgrounds and computer knowledge. Considerable ability to work effectively as a member of a team. Considerable flexibility in dealing with assignments and in working on several projects simultaneously. Considerable knowledge of and expertise in Internet resources, facilities, activities, and techniques. Considerable problem solving skills.

Good familiarity with the hardware and software of mass storage systems. Good familiarity with PC systems and PC network administration.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements
Bachelor's Degree and 4+ years work experience or equivalent; some occupations may require a graduate degree and 2+ years work experience or equivalent