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Be part of the effort to bring Ubuntu Cloud into the datacenter. Our team is geographically distributed, we are able to deliver Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure solutions globally and work with our leading partners. We are rapidly expanding and are looking for talented professionals with a passion for building the next generation of Ubuntu solutions for our customers.

At the request of one of our customers, Canonical will provide a dedicated Services Engineer embedded within the customer team based in Korea. The dedicated Service Engineer will act as the primary point of contact for all support issues, as well as providing Ubuntu Server and Cloud expertise to the team. This allows the customer to gain proactive support and services as a integral component of the engineering team. The dedicated Services Engineer will be directly available to the client with the assistance of a Canonical Project Manager and the Canonical Support and Services team. Canonical also understands that the dedicated Services Engineer is required to be fluent in Korean.

The Dedicated Services Engineer will provide the following capabilities for the customer. At the onset of the service offering, Canonical and the client will develop the proposed work areas that the dedicated Services Engineer will focus on. The intent is to provide ongoing services for Ubuntu technologies and Canonical product offerings.


• Provide architectural design and recommendations for Ubuntu and Canonical technologies.
• Assistance with the support and maintenance of Ubuntu Server
• Assistance with the support and integration of the OpenStack Cloud
• On-site support and issue resolution of Ubuntu Advantage
• On-site support and issue resolution of administrators and developers for Ubuntu and OpenStack
• Co-ordination with Canonical Engineering and Service

• Manage support escalations and issue prioritisation
• Act as the dedicated named contact within Canonical for support issues
• Participate in regular calls to discuss product roadmap and direction
• Liaise with Canonical Engineering, working with the dedicated Cloud Consultant to advocate customer needs and issues
Skills and expertise

• Minimum 5 years commercial experience in a Linux based environment, possibly in a support or services related position
• Senior Level Linux Professional LPIC-3 (or equivalent) certification or experience
• Advanced Cloud and virtulization experience
• Automated Linux provisioning and advanced configuration with tools such as Puppet, Chef and Canonical’s own Juju platforms.
• Advanced system administration tasks (auditing, monitoring, logging, performance tuning, capacity planning, etc.)
• Advanced troubleshooting (up to core dump analysis and kernel dump analysis desirable)
• Demonstrable expertise in one or more of the following areas: advanced storage (RAID, LVM, SAN, file system tuning, etc.), advanced networking (bonding, firewalling, bridging, switching, network file system tuning, etc.), clustering, cloud computing (provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, etc.), Linux integration with other environments (authentication/directory services, network file systems, etc.), Open Source software development
• Good knowledge of bash scripting an preferably another scripting language on top of it (Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.)
• Ability to learn quickly, thrive on change and handle the pressure of a customer and partner facing role, meeting delivery goals and timelines.

• The above skills for Ubuntu and Debian systems specifically
• Various levels of knowledge of other Operating Systems
• Any form of involvement in the Open Source community
• Advanced programming and scripting languages knowledge
• Written and verbal fluency of languages other than English