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In this position, you will be responsible to investigate how to build efficient/scaling IaaS solution with open source software stack (Openstack/xen/kvm etc.) and analyze the typical large-scale web 2.0 services and other emerging technologies in the cloud computing era. Your daily may include building workload to measure cloud system performance, analyzing the benchmark result to identify system bottleneck and working with community to write patch to fix scaling issue on openstack/xen/kvm.
  • You should possess a relevant educational qualification majoring in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • Good problem analysis and solving skills, ability to work Independently.
  • Good English written and read skills are required.
  • Good at Python language is a plus. Experienced at IaaS software stack (OpenStack etc) is a plus. Experienced at Xen/KVM is a plus. Experienced to design large-scale web applications is a plus. Familiar with Intel Architecture is a plus.