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This Photo: The OpenStack Design Summit & Conference 2011.

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OpenStack Conference & Design Summit 2011

Dates: April 25-29, 2011

Attendees: 400+ people

Location: Santa Clara, California


April 26 AM

Welcome & OpenStack Vision

Jim Curry

slides video

OpenStack Project Update

Jonathan Bryce, Jay Pipes, Vish Ishaya, John Dickinson

NASA and OpenStack

James Williams


The Site Architecture You Can Edit

Ryan Lane


eBay and OpenStack

Neal Sample

slides video

April 26 PM

The opportunity for OpenStack

Gordon Mangione

slides video

Collaboration Tools in OpenStack

Thierry Carrez

OpenStack API Extensions

Jorge Williams

Golden Configuration Automated Testing

Jesse Andrews

PaaS on OpenStack

Nati Shalom


Introduction to the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative

Cedric Thomas, Denis Caromel

Networking in OpenStack Compute

Hisaharu Ishii

Governance Policy Panel

Jonathan Bryce


Scaling Applications in the Cloud

Sebastian Stadil

OpenStack NTT Data Perspective

Yoichi Kihara

April 27 AM

Design Summit - Welcome


Trusted Pools in Cloud Architecture

Raghu Yeluri, Jim Greene

Release Schedule - Diablo and After


The Switch That's Just Another Server

Kenneth Duda

Chef Cookbooks for Deploying OpenStack


Petascale Cloud File-System Design and Implementation

Anand Babu Peroasamy

How to Integrate Gluster for VM Object Storage



Review Branching and Release Model


Standing up an OpenStack Cloud in Intel Architecture

Billy Cox


Nova Multi-Nic


Split Code for Servivces into Separate Repositories


April 27 PM

Understanding the Open Compute Project

David Recordon, Eran Tal

Design Summit - Lightning Talks


OpenStack - The Time is Now

Lew Tucker

API Definition Process


Support for Hetergeneous Architectures


Cloud Service Providers and OpenStack: Opportunity and Action Plan

Bernard Golden


Commercialization of OpenStack Object Storage

Jaesuk Ahn, Joe Arnold, Hwang Jinkyung

OpenStack API 1.1 Finalization Discussion


Support for GPU, SGI Ultraviolet & (bare metal) Tilera


Integrated Managed Services NG Stack via OpenStack

Paul Pettigrew

Bootstrapping Hyperscale Clouds

Rob Hirschfeld


Diablo Testing


Multiple Cluster Container Syncing


Group Discussion on Service Provider Plans and Initiatives Leveraging OpenStack


Refactor Nova OpenStack API Serialization


Topology Service, Failure Zone's Centered IaaS Deployment


Topology Service, Failure Zone's Centered IaaS Deployment


Support EC2 Filters


Zones and Distributed Scheduling


April 28 AM

AuthN/AuthZ Service


Database as a Service


Administrative VMs & Containers for Provider Cloud


XenAPI SM Volume Driver


Load Balancing as a Service


Plan for Moving to Git and GitHub


Snapshot, Clone & Boot from Volumes



Virtual Storage Arrays for Nova


April 28 PM

Design Summit - Lightning Talks


API-Controlled iSCSI Block Storage


XenAPI Text Console Support


Communication Layer for Host to Guest


Notifications and Statistics


The Future of Network Services in OpenStack


Community Events 2011 & 2012 Discussion


Discussion on Design & Software Considerations for Making Nova HA/Fault Tolerant



RPC Improvements


April 29 AM

OpenStack Dashboard in Diablo



Reference Architectures


Build a Stress Testing Harness for Glance


Scheduler Decision Framework


Unify the Way OpenStack Projects Daemonize Servers


Burrow Proxy Server


Overhaul Libvirt to Improve Testability & Add Event-Based


Planned & Unplanned Features for Swift


Referencing Instances Across a Complex Deployment


April 29 PM

Design Summit - Lightning Talks


API Additions


Engineering-in Quality




Trusted Computing Pools


Adding Support for Powernap