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[Webinar] OpenStack Development: The Infrastructure Behind the Infrastructure Wed, July 10

July 8th, 2013 — 1:03pm

Join Jim Blair, OpenStack core infrastructure engineer, for a 60-minute behind the scenes discussion about the unique tools and processes that handle up to 200 contributions an hour for one of the fastest-growing open-source cloud projects, OpenStack. Jim’s talk is one in a series of O’Reilly webinars covering the open source world leading up to OSCON. Don’t miss it!

What: OpenStack Development: The Infrastructure Behind the Infrastructure Webinar
When: Wednesday, July 10, 2013; 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET
What you’ll learn:
  • how the OpenStack Core infrastructure team developed tools to handle increasing contribution activities
  • what benefits occurred after these processes were put in place
  • how you can access and use the innovations from these open source tools in your own environments
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Boris Renski of Mirantis presents: What’s new in OpenStack Folsom | Webcast 4 October 2012

October 2nd, 2012 — 6:34pm

Date: Thursday 4 October 2012 Time: 9am PT/12 Noon ET/6pm CET
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As many of you know, the Folsom release marks OpenStack’s transition from a service provider platform to an enterprise ready solution, with its baseline features set and hardening for enterprise usage in place.

I’d like to invite you to join me and Piotr Siwczak, Senior Staff Engineer at Mirantis and contributor to OpenStack, for technical overview of what’s new in the Folsom Release this Thursday, October 4th, at 9am Pacific.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

  • Synopsis of market developments since the April Essex release
  • New capabilities and user features: Nova, Cinder, Keystone, hypervisor support
  • Quantum and Load Balancer as a Service
  • Under-the-covers with key new architectural features
  • Q&A

The webcast is targeted both to experienced OpenStack users and cloud infrastructure teams considering new deployments. Click here for details on signing up.  Seats are limited.

Date: Thursday 4 October 2012
Time: 9am PT/12 Noon ET/6pm CET
You can review the Mirantis Privacy Policy here.  

Boris Renski, EVP and co-founder of Mirantis, is a member of the OpenStack Foundation Board.


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Recording of OpenStack Foundation mission and roadmap

January 19th, 2012 — 12:45pm

For those that couldn’t participate to past week’s webinar, here is the recording of Mark Collier and Jonathan Bryce presenting the draft mission of OpenStack Foundation and its roadmap. (The audio starts around minute 2:50). A total of 86 people participated to the events, 51 on Thursday and 35 on Friday. Since the chat was not visible to every participant, we’re disclosing the complete logs of the chat for both events, unedited . All questions were addressed by Mark and Jonathan. We’re looking for a different tool to use for future webinars.

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Presenting OpenStack Foundation mission and roadmap [webinar]

January 10th, 2012 — 12:39pm

Jonathan Bryce and Mark Collier will host two webinars to illustrate the draft mission for the future OpenStack Foundation. The draft was published on http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/ and it’s the fist building block of the organisation that was announced in Boston. They will be available to answer questions about the roadmap and deadlines proposed for the project.  We believe a live conversation will complement the online discussion on the foundation mailing list. We picked the times of the webinars to accommodate the needs of people living across the world and we picked the technology that is most accessible. You can use your favourite operating system or dial in using toll free numbers for virtually anywhere in the world. If you encounter problems please let us know.

The first webinar will be held on Thursday Jan 12, 2012 at 06:00 PM CST (register here https://cc.readytalk.com/r/ogxx717wjy06) and the following day on Friday, Jan 13, 2012 at 9:00 AM CST (register here https://cc.readytalk.com/r/9o9bdh6hb3vn).

You may find the converter useful http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html to find your local time.

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OpenStack Boston 2011 Events Sponsorship Packages Available

July 14th, 2011 — 2:10pm

The sponsorship packages are now available for OpenStack eco-system partners looking to take part in supporting the community at the upcoming OpenStack Design Summit and OpenStack Conference from Oct 3 – 7, 2011.

Sponsorship Package Webinar – https://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=dkqn1a (30 minute presentation on the packages)

Sponsorship Package Slides from Webinar - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34074954/OpenStack_Sponsorship_Webinar_2011.ppt

Sponsorship Package Prospectus – http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34074954/Sponsorship_Prospectus_Fall2011.pdf

If you have any questions on these packages please contact me so we can create a package that best meets your needs.


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OpenStack – The Best Sounding Cloud

July 5th, 2011 — 4:12pm

For those with some time to spend on non-critical items…

At the OpenStack Project Glance webinar a few weeks back there was discussion about the music being played while everyone waited for the webinar to start. Jay Pipes graciously informed everyone that I was a composer and that the music was mine, thus everyone was really insulting me. This lead to some community members contacting me to see if I really did write the music which only enhanced Jay’s hijinks. The truth is that I can’t even hear music very well as notes all sound the same to me. The company running our webinar tool is responsible for the music and we have provided feedback from our community about their music selection.

Anyway, the emails with the community members led to the idea of creating an OpenStack theme or jingle that we could use on our website for example. If Intel, Microsoft, and other companies can leverage the power of music to associate their brand with customers why not OpenStack. One community member, Mike Mazarick has supplied the first entry for community consideration:

Sample OpenStack Jingle (6 seconds)

I encourage community members with musical talent to submit their ideas to myself for posting on the blog or in the comment section. We can then re-visit all the submissions in a few weeks and vote for the winning OpenStack jingle. Looking forward to everyone’s ideas.

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Project Glance Webinar Recording Available

June 21st, 2011 — 1:27pm

Over 57 community enthusiasts joined Jay Pipes, Project Glance Team Leader, and James Weir, CTO of UShareSoft, for a 1 hour overview the project as well as a discussion on the future direction for Glance and cloud computing. A recorded session of the webinar is available at http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=d7aki1. For more general information on Glance, visit http://www.openstack.org/projects/image-service/.


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Community Weekly Newsletter (May 27 – June 3)

June 3rd, 2011 — 10:03am

OpenStack Community Newsletter – June 3, 2011

This weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please email [email protected].

Paul Pettigrew, Mach Technology from OpenStack on Vimeo.






  • Data Tracking Graphs – http://wiki.openstack.org/WeeklyNewsletter
  • OpenStack Compute (NOVA) Data
    • 12 Active Reviews
    • 256 Active Branches – owned by 72 people & 15 teams
    • 1344 commits by 65 people in last month
  • OpenStack Object Storage (SWIFT) Data
    • 1 Active Reviews
    • 68 Active Branches – owned by 22 people & 6 teams
    • 137 commits by 15 people in last month
  • OpenStack Image Registry (GLANCE) Data
    • 2 Active Reviews
    • 21 Active Branches – owned by 6 people & 5 teams
    • 84 commits by 8 people in last month
  • Twitter Stats for Week:  #openstack 214 total tweets; OpenStack 1064 total tweets  (does not include RT)
  • Bugs Stats for Week: 385 Tracked Bugs; 71 New Bugs; 38 In-process Bugs; 0 Critical Bugs; 21 High Importance Bugs; 255 Bugs (Fix Committed)
  • Blueprints Stats for Week:  205 Blueprints; 13 Essential, 16 High, 20 Medium, 26 Low, 130 Undefined
  • OpenStack Website Stats for Week:  12,896 Visits, 35,054 Pageviews, 50.28% New Visits
    • Top 5 Pages: Home 39.26%; /projects 11.55%; /projects/compute 17.08%; /projects/storage 11.06%; /community 7.18%


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OpenStack Glance Webinar

June 2nd, 2011 — 2:39pm

Jay Pipes, Project Glance PTL and James Weir, CTO of UShareSoft.com are hosting “Future Direction and Discussion on Glance”; the webinar is scheduled for June 21, 2011 at Noon EST. To register for this webinar, please sign up at https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/schedule/display.do?udc=i5l6gkl36wsy.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the project followed by an open community discussion on the roadmap for the Glance project.

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OpenStack Cactus Webinar Recording Available

April 21st, 2011 — 4:15pm

The Cactus Webinar on Thursday, April 21 at 4 pm EST recording is available: https://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=39ban4

This webinar  covered the new features implemented in the OpenStack Cactus release. Presenting these features will be the new Project Team Leads for Glance, Swift, and Nova.

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