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The Hong Kong Summit: Why I’m Excited

October 31st, 2013 — 12:06pm


We asked our community why they’re looking forward to the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong next week. We received a number of colorful responses and we’re sharing some of the best here. Have something to add?  Let us know why you’re excited for the Summit in the comments below!


Terri Yu, @terrimyu


1) Why are you excited for the Hong Kong Summit?

How can I not be excited, it’s my first software developer conference!! I just finished my Outreach Program for Women internship. I’ve never been to Hong Kong and my mom is from that area, so I get to visit lots of family & friends that I normally don’t get to see. Plus, I need an OpenStack t-shirt for my collection.  My utmost gratitude goes to the OpenStack Travel Fund for making all of this possible!

2) Which sessions are you not going to miss?

“Ceilometer+Heat=Alarming” and “Deploying and Training on OpenStack at MIT: Helping to Accelerate World-Class Research.” My internship mentor, Julien Danjou, is one of the speakers for the former, but I’m an MIT alum and have done a lot of scientific research in the past. So let’s call it a tie.

3) How will people recognize you at the Summit?

I’ll be carrying a thermos filled with yerba mate tea and wearing a black Patagonia fleece jacket over a nerdy or hockey t-shirt. I don’t have any OpenStack t-shirts yet, but some t-shirts I plan to bring: dog ate my homework, Museum of Mathematics, San Jose Sharks Hockey, “Eat More Kale”. I may wear my Québec Remparts hockey jersey at parties.


Raghavan ‘Rags’ Srinivas, @ragss


1) Why are you excited for the Summit?

I think the summit has turned the corner. It seems more oriented towards using the stack not just developing it.

2) Which sessions are you most looking forward to?

The keynotes. And I’m naturally biased towards my talks: http://sched.co/1fzTrfq and http://sched.co/14Fd94P.

3) How will someone recognize you at the Summit?

My Indiana Jones hat.


Sven Michels, @geektoor


1) What’s getting you excited about the Summit?

OpenStack is an amazing piece of software. Being part of a summit like this is also a guarantee to meet amazing people. It’s also my first trip that far away, so it’s a double excitement :-)

2) Are you looking forward to any particular sessions?

No special session, I want to get inspired by the summit itself to pick the right ones. Main interest is security and availability.

3) How will people recognize you at the Summit?

Easy to notice me by my wheelchair and of course a tablet (and some USB power. In case someone runs out of power, just ask).


Brent Doncaster, @Brent_BWD







1) Tell us why you’re excited about the Summit in Hong Kong.

It’s Hong Kong! Haven’t been back since ’89!. And it’s my first OpenStack Summit!

2) Which sessions are you looking forward to? Why?

Dell and InkTank Ceph – cuz its cool! 

2) What 3 things will you not be seen without?

Video camera, Dell log shirt, and a smile!


Flavio Percoco, @flaper87


1) Tell us why you’re excited for the OpenStack Summit?

Basically everything. I’m definitely most exited by the fact that it’ll be Marconi’s first summit!!!!!

2) Which sessions are you most looking forward to?

All Marconi, Oslo and Glance sessions, because those are the projects I’ve been working on in the last year. I’m also looking forward to some of the Release Management sessions, I see a lot of value in those for the whole project.

3) How will someone recognize you at the Summit? What 3 things will you not be seen without?

Huge smile, lot of excitement, rainbow sandals, shorts and I’ll be moving my hands Italian style. :D

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The Growing Diversity inside OpenStack Object Storage

October 9th, 2013 — 4:20am

Of all OpenStack projects, Object Storage (also known as Swift) has always been considered mature or, in other words, a place where new things rarely happen. I’ve always been looking at the Object Storage project closely and I’m happy to report a lot of exciting things are happening in Swift, specifically around the community participation and growing ecosystem.

The total number of contributors to OpenStack Object Storage reached 136 with as many as 16 different people committing code in a single week of July 2013. Of those, 64 have participated in the Havana cycle, 30 of whom are new contributors to Swift. The charts show a very good upward trending curve for the total authors per week, different people filing new bugs (the Closers/Openers chart) and variety of people filing, triaging, setting priority and fixing bugs (the Changers chart). The top contributors (by patch count) are from 6 different companies: SwiftStack, Red Hat, Rackspace, United Stack, IBM, and eNovance.

Features are also growing: in Havana we’ll get global clusters. This allows deployers to build a single Swift storage system that spans a wide geographic area. For example, a deployer can build a Swift storage cluster that keeps different replicas in different regions for either DR or for low-latency regional access. SwiftStack, SoftLayer, and Mirantis all contributed into the global clusters feature. More details on what’s coming are on the CHANGELOG. Get to the Summit in Hong Kong to hear how Concur set up their global Swift cluster.

More new and cool features are also coming: SwiftStack, Box, and Intel are working on an erasure coding storage policy. Rackspace is working on improving replication. Red Hat is working on making Swift’s interface to storage volumes more dynamic. Work has started on this functionality and will be a major topic of discussion in Hong Kong.

Because of this broad base of contributors, the major feature development addressing real-world use cases, and the proven performance at scale, OpenStack Object Storage is being widely deployed and is powering some of the world’s largest storage clouds. I’m tremendously excited about Swift’s progress and its future trajectory.

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Hong Kong OpenStack 2nd Workshop: Deploy a 3D Virtual World on OpenStack

July 12th, 2013 — 11:43am

The Hong Kong OpenStack User Group 2nd Workshop: ‘Learn how to deploy a 3D Virtual World on OpenStack Cloud’ has been successfully organized by the Hong Kong Cyberport and Hong Kong OpenStack User Group (HKOSUG) at Cyberport Campus on 5 July 2013.  We took the unprecedented step of focusing the OpenStack workshop in digital entertainment.

This was a short rapid paced workshop where participants installed and used the OpenStack to practice creating and using a distributed computing approach for collectives of global small business and small artist collaborations.  The OpenSim 3d virtual world server was presented as a working example for the workshop.  Participants were able to share a collective cloud and demonstrated how shared clouds could be set up to be distributed computing nodes for the development of digital entertainments.

The lecturer, Todd Cochrane is a software developer in research and for art, and Senior Lecturer in the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in New Zealand.  Participants were coming from different domains, ICT startups, university students, Telecommunication companies and Rackspace Hong Kong.

Bruce Lok and Raymond Chan, the Coordinators of HKOSUG and the Team in Cyberport who initiated and established the first HKOSUG, are dedicated to promote and drive the cloud adoption to the ICT industry in Hong Kong.  Bruce finally introduced the upcoming event of OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong and encourage participants to join and share their innovative ideas on OpenStack during the Summit.

Finally the feedback has been good, it was really worth it as the ideas shared from participants were useful for our further planning on OpenStack workshop in Hong Kong.

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The All New OpenStack Travel Support Program

July 11th, 2013 — 1:16pm

The OpenStack Foundation announces the availability of travel grants under the OpenStack Travel Support Program. The program’s aim is to facilitate participation of key contributors to the OpenStack Design Summit covering costs for travel and accommodation. The Travel Support Program is based on the promise of Open Design, one of the founding principles upon which the OpenStack project is built.

Key contributors are contributors whose presence is specifically relevant for the topics to be discussed at the Summit they’re applying to. Relevance of somebody’s presence is never evaluated in general ways: it’s always relative to the content being discussed at the specific Summit. The OpenStack Foundation will set aside a fund to support this program. The total amount of the fund is to be divided among the key contributors.

How to apply

All contributors to OpenStack (developers, documentation writers, organisers of user groups around the world, Ask moderators, translators, etc) are invited to submit a request. PTLs and code reviewers also are requested to propose candidates.

  • Candidates apply on the online form starting today with the deadline of July 31
  • Travel Selection Committee evaluates entries based on criterias stated on the wiki page Travel Support Program
  • Travel Agent coordinates with key contributors.

The OpenStack Foundation will coordinate directly with the approved key contributors to arrange for their travel, according to the level of funds granted. More details on the wiki page Travel Support Program.

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