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OpenStack Essex Deploy Day Summary

June 5th, 2012 — 3:54pm

On May 31st, more than 200 people from around the world  gathered to learn about how to automate OpenStack deployments with Dell Crowbar and Opscode Chef. This day-long, world-wide event brought  together developers, operators, users, ecosystem vendors and the open source cloud curious.  The event was coordinated as meet-ups by the Dell OpenStack/Crowbar team (my team) in four physical locations, where more than 70 enthusiasts gathered for the event:

In addition, nearly 125 participants joined online on the live webcast and various online channels.

We have validated our deployment against the Essex release and our objective with this Essex Deploy Day event was to test deployments of Open Stack in a variety of environments.  Accordingly, we reached out to the OpenStack and Crowbar communities for training, testing, deployment, and collaborative development of the OpenStack Essex release.  The response was amazing!

The Deploy day offered two parallel tracks for OpenStack newcomers and experts.

The Introductory Track: In this  track, we focused on basics of OpenStack, Crowbar, and DevOps and discussed their value and benefits. In five three-hour sessions that spanned  three time zones covering the East/West coast and the Asia pacific regions, we demonstrated  LIVE (the recorded sessions are available here: http://bit.ly/crowbarOSED) ) how to automatically deploy OpenStack .

Here are the slides used for this track:


Additionally, this track featured presentations and demos from ecosystem partners including enStratus, InkTank, Suse, MorphLabs, and OpsCode who discussed how they are leveraging Essex and bringing unique value-add to the OpenStack community and customers.

The Experts Track: The expert track was intended for people that already had some familiarity with Crowbar, Chef, and DevOps, and wanted to take a deep dive into new features of OpenStack Essex and Crowbar and how Crowbar works under the hood. The expert track had a separate screencast, and featured live and online collaboration with Crowbar developers and engineers.

The expert track explored  several advanced topics such as upgrading OpenStack  and developing barclamps etc.

Success By the Numbers

The overwhelming response and the large number of attendees makes this the most successful deploy day by far.  The breadth of companies and individuals that participated makes this a truly collaborative and international event  and is an  impressive indication of the excitement that is building around OpenStack. Here is look at broad participation metrics:

  • 200 people participated from 9 different countries
  • 70 people attended in-person in the four locations: NY, Boston, Austin, Sunnyvale
  • 250 downloads of the software from zehicle.crowbar.com and the build server
  • 20+ companies represented world-wide
  • Great participation from ecosystem vendors including enStratus, MorphLabs, Suse, InkTank, OpsCode

Here is a just a small sample of some of the companies that participated

Dell (sponsor), Opscode, Mirantis, Morphlabs, Enstratus, Yahoo, AT&T, HPOpenTV, cloudTP, Fidelity, Lucent-Alcatel, IBM Labs, Critical Media,  AppFirst

We wish to thank everyone who participated in making this event a huge success!


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OpenStack at Gjøvik University College

June 5th, 2012 — 10:50am

The SkyHigh Team: Lars Erik Pedersen, Jon Arne Westgaard and Hallvard Alte Westman

A group of students from Gjøvik University College wrote the first bachelor thesis on OpenStack, based on my knowledge*. Lars Erik Pedersen, Jon Arne Westgaard and Hallvard Alte Westman studied an implementation of OpenStack as a framework for virtual computer at College’s labs to replace the current system. The college uses in teaching subjects like “Database and Application Administration” so that the administrator can distribute virtual machines to students for assignments, which they use the entire semester. The current system based on MLN doesn’t have a GUI and requires lots of time from class administrators and students.

For their bachelor thesis, Lars, Jon and Hallvard developed a custom OpenStack Horizon GUI module to fully integrate the workflow for the laboratories. The source code of the custom module and the full report (in Norwegian) is on github.com. This implementation is intended to replace the current solution for this purpose. The report presents the process of realising this project, and includes the installation, implementation, configuration and development that has been done.

* if you know of other thesis, dissertations, research projects involving OpenStack please join the OpenStack Academia Initiative and let us know.

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